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The Safety in Sport campaign is a response to the growing dissatisfaction and serious physical, psychological and financial harm caused by sub-standard medical treatment of professional football players. The campaign founded by Barrington Atkins will form a group of like-minded professionals and experts, including qualified medical practitioners, sports therapists, wealth and financial advisors and legal experts.

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The Safety in Sport campaign is created for those who are passionate about promoting health, and to educate and empower professional sports players who have suffered serious problems. We want to facilitate a better, safer, more transparent industry in sports medicine and rehabilitation; offer much-needed legal and medical support; and give peace of mind to professional sports players seeking to improve their health, well-being and legal position. 

The Safety in Sport Campaign supports professional sports players by allowing them access to specialist legal, medical, financial advice and support. The campaign will work hard to ensure that professional sports players' safety is protected by generating as much awareness as possible, and working closely with professional sports players through their career. 

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We work closely with professional sports players and industry-leading medical and financial experts. 

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