Frequently Asked Questions


How can you help me?

We get injured players independent specialist legal and medical advice. We do not charge anything; our service is completely free. 

Why would you help me?

Because we are passionate about sports injury. Professional players, like everyone else should receive the best medical treatment and rehabilitation following an injury – not just enough to get them through a game or season. 

We hear from players who retire or have ongoing problems from what started out as "a minor injury". 

We are trusted to arrange investigations and confidentially discuss the players compensation options. 

Can Safety In Sport help if my injury is worse after treatment and I’ve not recovered as expected?

Yes, we help players investigate if anything went wrong with the treatment, what can be done to help the player both medically and financially and how to avoid the same mistake happening again.

Some of the common types of issues we help players with include:

· Players who have been pressured to return to football before they are fully fit;

· Where physiotherapy/rehabilitation treatment is below standard or delayed;

· Where medical treatment/surgery has gone wrong;

· Where recovery is much longer than expected.

What can you do if I’m playing lower league sports or I’ve retired because of injury?

We can discuss your options to claim for loss of earnings (which is usually a significant amount) and any other financial losses and expenses.

Will this affect any PFA / RPA payments?


We can work with the PFA / RPA or insurance companies to make sure you receive everything you are entitled to if your career has been affected because of injury.

What type of players do you advise?

We mainly work with current or former Premier and Championship league players who are now playing in lower tier / non-league football or retired because of injury.